We’ve got all your barbecue needs covered. Order online and we’ll deliver everything right to your door with contactless drop off.

Our classic barbecue meat options are smoked, sliced, sealed and frozen for you to put right into your freezer. Easy reheating instructions will be included with your order to keep everything nice and simple. We also have a couple of high quality raw butcher shop staples for your freezer as well. 

Smoked, sliced, sealed and ready to go!: 

  • Barbecue Meats have been smoked and are already fully cooked and prepped.
  • The meats are vacuum sealed and frozen so they stay nice and juicy while heating.
  • REHEATING Option #1 - thaw frozen meat packages in the fridge overnight. Get a medium or large pot of water simmering on the stove. Place the entire sealed package directly in the simmering water on med-low for 15-20mins. That's it, super easy with no mess!
  • REHEATING Option #2 - if you forgot to thaw the meat ahead of time or are just hungry and in a hurry, no worries that works too. Place the sealed package in the water right off the bat then start simmering. The gradual change in temperature will help thaw and keep the meat from over cooking. Simmer on med-low for 25-35mins
  • Here’s how local delivery works: 

  • Minimum order total of $100.
  • Delivery fee of $5 will be applied at checkout.
  • Orders will be delivered on Thursdays & Fridays based on area. See local zones below. 
  • Orders must be placed by 6pm on the day prior to delivery. Any orders placed after this cutoff will be fulfilled on that zone’s delivery date the following week.
  • Deliveries will arrive between 11am-6pm, we can’t confirm exact delivery times. Please make sure someone is there to receive the meat and get it into your freezer.
  • Thursdays - Delivery Zone 1

    West - Midhurst

    East - Shanty Bay 

    North - Horseshoe Valley 

    South - Barrie South End

    Fridays - Delivery Zone 2

    West - Collingwood / Blue Mountain

    East - Minesing

    North - Wasaga

    South - Creemore

    Have a question or need help? 

    Call / Text us at (647) 224-604 or Email us at

    A big thank you for supporting small and local business during this time. We’re proud to be part of such a great community and look forward to bringing the smoker out to events with you again soon!